Energy-Efficient Lighting Retrofits

It’s what we specialize in.

Highly Affordable, Integrated Retrofit Solutions

Fearless Electric optimizes and reduces the energy bills of our clients’ buildings by delivering a quick ROI with on-going long-term savings and benefits. All of our work is certified by the ESA to provide the highest quality and standards to our customers.

Provide complete turn-key solutions: supply, installation, recycling, incentive applications and project management

Process all incentive applications as well as maximize and deliver government rebates to clients

Customize all buildings to meet all lighting needs with long term savings in mind

Provide a Five (5) Year Parts and Labour Warranty on most Products and Services

Commercial & Industrial Buildings


Illuminate only the desired areas with directional lighting.

Available in a wide colour range.


Flicker-free when powered by Direct Current.


With ever increasing Hydro costs, LEDs are proving to be an excellent low power consumption solution providing substantial annual savings.

LEDs have significantly longer life expectancy than fluorescent further reducing costs over the course of operation.


Unlike many of the bulbs still used today, LED technology is mercury free!

LEDs are readily recyclable after their long service life.


With 20 years of experience in the industry, we understand that every client is different. That’s why we customize every project to fit our client’s unique needs, providing multiple options along the way.

5 Years vs. 3 Years

LED Retrofit


The average T8 Fluorescent Lamp lasts 30,000 hours when on 24/7. The average goes down even further if cycled on/off more frequently as is the case with occupancy sensors.

The average T8 LED lasts 50,000 hours and does not suffer from the same degradation when cycled on/off.

Power Consumption

  • T8 Fluorescent Lamp
  • T8 LED Lamp


Conventional lighting systems not only use more energy, but also require more frequent replacement. That means more money spent on parts and service. You can rest assured knowing that LED lighting lasts longer than conventional lighting, saving you both money and downtime.

High-Rise Dwellings